Salı, Aralık 6, 2022


Photo of the Kononovich Brothers Taken By Their Lawyers During Visit At Prison

We share with you the pictures taken by the lawyers of the Ukrainian Komsomol members Kononovich Brothers, who were arrested by the fascist Ukrainian state, collaborator of imperialism, during the lawyer's meeting with the Kononovich Brothers in prison.Freedom for...

The Anti-Fascist Brothers Kononovich, Who Were Captured In Ukraine Back In March, Are Alive and Are In Jail

A Belarusian journalist who maintains contact with relatives of the Kononovich brothers said that they are alive. A relative of the brothers told the journalist:“They were severely beaten, their ribs were broken. There were not faces, but porridge. They...
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Anti-Imperialist Front’s Call: Let’s Participate the Twitter Storm for the 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey, Imprisoned in Greece

We call on everyone to join the Twitter storm for the 11 revolutionaries from Turkey, imprisoned in Greece, who...
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