Cumartesi, Şubat 4, 2023


Interview with Anti-Imperialist Front Serbia about Kosovo Conflict

We are having with us the representative of the Serbian section of the Anti-Imperialist Front to about the current situation in the republic. Can you tell us, what is happening in Kosovo right now? What we’re seeing now is not the...

Halil Demir, One of the Revolutionaries from Turkey Who Was Evacuated as a Result of the Resistance, Made an Interview with Radio Mera

The revolutionaries from Turkey, imprisoned in Turkey, who won their victory and their freedom with the 97-day indefinite hunger strike resistance, talked to Radio Mera25 about their victory, their processes after their release and how their campaign will continue...
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Bavaria’s justice intensifies repressions against Sami Baydar with arbitrary bans of flags of the Syriac and the Soviet Union

Three trials on the so-called "ban on flags" will soon be reopened in Bavaria. The political agenda: Criminalization of...
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