Pazar, Temmuz 3, 2022


Arrested Revolutionary Journalist Özgül Emre Who Is On Hunger Strike May Die In German Prison

THIS IS AN URGENT APPEALA journalist and activist Özgül Emre was arrested by German police on 16th May 2022 and remanded in prison pending trial under controversial 129b paragraph of the law.Since her remand on 17th May 2022, she has been on...

Act Now Before It’s Too Late for Sibel and Gökhan

The Death Fast Resistance for Justice and Fair Trial Is ContinuingAct now to save Sibel And Gokhan's lives. Don't let them die.Contact the Ministry of Justice of Turkey and demand them to accept the legitimate demands of the death...
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Freedom for the People’s Lawyers, Unite for Justice!

People's Lawyer Oya Aslan Before Court... Today Trial Outcome:It was decided to continue the detention of lawyer Oya Aslan.The...
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