Cumartesi, Şubat 4, 2023


AIFTV- History In Struggle Programme – French Resistance in Beynat, July 1944

The French Resistance became especially active after the D Day landings. One of its main centres was Limousin in South Central France. Fighting the Nazi occupiers came at a cost.

Greece from our gathering in front of Israeli Empassy in Athens, for 74 years Nakba !

Freedom for Palestine! Victory to Palestinian Resistance!

History and Struggle Program: History and political use of isolation. -Tutsaklar ve Direniş programımızın bu bölümdeki konusu, tecritin tarihi ve siyasi kullanımıdır. İrlanda, İspanya, Almanya ve Türkiye'den kısa anlatımlarla hazırlanan programımız somut örneklerle bu düşman politikasını açıklıyor. -The topic of this episode of our Prisoners and Resistance program is...

Polytechnic Lives in Our Struggle

On November 14, 1973, thousands of university students occupied the National Technical University of Athens, known as the Polytechnic, against the US-backed military junta that seized power in 1967 in Greece. On November 17, 1973, the soldiers of the...

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Bavaria’s justice intensifies repressions against Sami Baydar with arbitrary bans of flags of the Syriac and the Soviet Union

Three trials on the so-called "ban on flags" will soon be reopened in Bavaria. The political agenda: Criminalization of...