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Halil Demir, One of the Revolutionaries from Turkey Who Was Evacuated as a Result of the Resistance, Made an Interview with Radio Mera

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Halil Demir and Konstantina Kartsioti’s interview with Radio Mera

The revolutionaries from Turkey, imprisoned in Turkey, who won their victory and their freedom with the 97-day indefinite hunger strike resistance, talked to Radio Mera25 about their victory, their processes after their release and how their campaign will continue from now on.

Konstantina Kartsioti from the Freedom for 11 Prisoners Committee from Turkey and Halil Demir, one of the released prisoners, participated in the radio program. The interview, which took place at Radio Mera25’s studios in Athens, lasted half an hour. Konstantina Kartsioti from the Freedom for 11 Prisoners Committee from Turkey talked about what happened outside during the resistance, the solidarity created, the importance of solidarity and the health problems of the insurgents at the moment.

Halil Demir, on the other hand, said how they were detained, the political decisio of the court, the attacks they suffered during the court, the decision to resist after these attacks, the impact of the resistance, the victory they won. He told also that the campaign will continue for two reasons: First, the removal of the file from the scope of the anti-terror law. Second, the liberation of Sinan Oktay Özen, who is still under arrest.

Finally, they concluded their radio program by calling on the Greek people to be in solidarity to the case and to participate in the hearings, which will continue on January 30 and February 1-3-6. Radio’s offer to continue the radio program during the hearings was gladly accepted.


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