Cumartesi, Şubat 4, 2023

Speech of People’s Lawyer Günay Dağ on Anti-Imperialist Front’s 20th Symposium in Athens

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People’s Lawyer Günay Dağ participate in 20th anniversary Symposium of Anti-Imperialist Front in Athens. He spoke about the meaning of law of terror of imperialism, specific about the case of 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey that imprisoned in Greece and took unlawful penalty of 333 years in prison.This desicion was baked by EU-US imperialism, Turkish Fascism and collaborative Mitsotakis government in Greece. Against this unlawfulness the 11 Revolutionaries started hunger strike, demanding a fair trial. Lawyer Günay Dağ also mentioned about the terror law of German imperialism 129 a-b, the case of revolutionary journalist Özgül Emre, member of revolutionary music band Grup Yorum Ihsan Cibelik and Serkan Küpeli. He explained the unjusticeness in this case and how imperialism use the terror laws to attacked Revolutionaries.


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