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Solidarity announcement of 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey for anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito

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Alfredo Cospito has been on an indefinite hunger strike since 20th October 2022 to protest and demand a change in the harsh prison conditions in which he is held in Italy.

Alfredo Cospito demands the repeal of Law 41-bis that regulates harsh prison conditions and the abolition of hostile treatment.

We, as 11 Turkish revolutionary prisoners in the prisons of Greece, salute Alfredo Cospito and state that we will win by resisting.

Our resistance unites us.
Our resistance is the foundation of internationalism.
Our resistance strengthens the unity of our peoples.

The basis of the unity of peoples’ struggle is to resist and fight.

In Italy, Greece, Turkey, Palestine and Latin America… we resist all over the world. We are enhancing the fight. We have been on an indefinite hunger strike since 7th October 2022 against our imprisonment in Greek prisons for a total of 333 years as a result of an unfair trial with the demand for a fair trial to end this unlawfulness.

We will carry our fight against imperialism and fascism to victory.

We support and salute Alfredo Cospito’s resistance and say that we will march to victory together.

11 Revolutionary Prisoners from Turkey in the prisons of Greece


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