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One Day Solidarity Hunger Strike in Prisons of Greece and Europe in support for the 11 Revolutionary Prisoners from Turkey in Prisons of Greece

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11 revolutionaries from Turkey in Greek prisons called for a 1-day solidarity hunger strike for the 90th day (4 January 2023) of the indefinite hunger strike they started on 7 October 2022 demanding a fair trial.

With the call made -according to the information we have been able to reach so far- a total of 441 people, including 28 people from the families of the Free Captives* in Greece, 16 people from the readers of the Free Captives School (bulletin) , 192 people from various countries of Europe and 205 prisoners from Greek prisons, staged an 1-day solidarity hunger strike.

Dozens of people also made videos of support and demanded freedom for the 11 revolutionary prisoners from Turkey.

Number of participants in the hunger strike in support of the hunger strike in Europe, country by country (192 people):

– Greece 25 people

– Germany 89 people

– Austria: 19 people

– France: 17 people

– Belgium 16 people

– England 9 people

– Netherlands 8 people

– Switzerland 5 people

– Sweden 2 people

– Italy: 1 person

Number of participants in the support hunger strike from Greek prisons (205 prisoners)… (In total 272 prisoners supported the resistance by going on a one-day support hunger strike and/or signing a petition to be submitted to the court):

– Koridallos Women’s Prison: 65 women detainees

– Koridallos Prison: 38 detainees

– Malandrino Prison: 69 prisoners, including 1 anarchist prisoner (Giannis Michailidis)

– Chania Prison: 19 detainees

– Trikala Prison: 12 detainees

– Domokos Prison: 1 anarchist prisoner (Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis)

Solidarity is the Most Powerful Weapon of Peoples!

Freedom for 11 Revolutionary Prisoners from Turkey in the Prisons of Greece; End Legal Terror!

Long Live Resistance, Long Live Victory!


Free Captives in Greece

(*Free Captives: It is a tradition to call political prisoners free captives in Turkey. It’s a way to emphasise that political prisoners could be captivated but their minds are free although they are incarcerated between walls.)


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