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AIF TV News Programme 29/11-13/12

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Hello Dear Anti-Imperialist Front Tv viewers this is the news programme for the period of 29th November to 13th December 2022

Appeal hearing of 11 Revolutionaries imprisoned in Greece took place in Athens at the Koridallos Prison.

Hearings took place on 1st and 12th December and some of the prisoners testified against the accusations and demanded that this sentence was not handed down fairly and this trial was a political trial. The defence lawyers argued procedural impropriates and demanded that the hearings to be recorded because that in the first instance proceedings the detainees were convicted with altered wording added to the written minutes. This was denied by the court panel. Lawyers representing the 11 revolutionaries and the detainees once again pressed on the non-existent and unreasonable evidence against them.

11 revolutionaries are on hunger strike since 7th October for fair trial and their health is deteriorating as days pass. Despite this the hearing has been postponed to 10th, 12th and 30th January. At both hearings court panel refused to temporary suspend the sentence of the prisoners until the appeal hearing is concluded.

On the 5th December AIF called for a day of action to highlight the case of the 11 with a Twitter Storm action. Hundreds took part in this action and send tweets to Greek officials to demand justice for the 11 with #FreeThe11 hashtags.

Press conference was held at the Athens Bar Association by the lawyers and the Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan on the 7th December to highlight the injustice and  pointed out the contradictions in the indictment, attempting to deconstruct the allegations of the police witness for the prosecution.An event was held at Crete on the 9th December to highlight the case of the 11 and people to embrace their plight for justice.

March has been organised in Berlin against the 129 a and b laws.

Hundreds of people gathered in Berlin on 27th November to protest the draconian laws and demanded the abolishment of them.

Anti-Imperialist Front also took part in the march and stood in solidarity with revolutionary journalist Ozgul Emre, Grup Yorum member Ihsan Cibelik and activist Serkan Kupeli who were arrested in May 2022 under 129 laws.

These fascist laws are used against revolutionaries in Germany and deprive people from their right to assemble and organise. They must be abolished.

A Roma child was shot by police in Greece on 5th December after he was chased.

Kostas Fragoulis was allegedly refused to pay 20 euros of gasoline and he was shot by the police after the chase in Thessaloniki. He has died in hospital whilst he was receiving treatment on the 13th December. Roma community and their supporters have said that the boy was a victim of long-standing bigotry.

Kononovich brothers are not in fascist Kiev regime’s prison anymore!

Long standing campaign earned their freedom and they are under house arrest now. Kononovich brothers were arrested and tortured because of their communist ideology.

Ayten Ozturk is continuously harassed although she is under house arrest.

On the 526th day of the house arrest Ayten Ozturk made a statement and condemned the continuous harassment of the security services.

Ayten Öztürk stated that the probation office constantly claimed that the electronic tag on her ankle was not working, that they frequently harassed her, and that the security forces were pursuing other agendas despite the fact that she was under house arrest and under constant surveillance.

Day Of Mobilisation With Alfredo Cospito

On 20 October, anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito began a hunger strike against the 41 bis prison regime in Italy, a struggle he intends to continue until the end.

The 41bis is the harshest prison isolation regime in Europe. Created in the beginning to prevent (real or alleged) members of the mafia from continuing their activities from prison, it was soon extended to revolutionary prisoners to prevent them from interacting with the world outside.

Soccorso Rosso Internazionale, International Red Aid declared 17th December an international day of support for the hunger strike of Alfredo Cospito, Ivan Alocco and Anna Beniamino.

Nuriye Gülmen’s 10 years of imprisonment approved

On 3rd December, Nuriye Gülmen’s sentence was approved by the Court of Appeal. The file will now go to the Court of Cassation. Nuriye Gülmen resisted in the darkest days of the State of Emergency. With this sentence, they are trying to make her pay for her resistance

Nuriye’s answer before her arrest was as follows: We know that fighting against fascism is not child’s play. We are not a handful of people without roots, without tradition, disconnected from the people. Our roots are in Anatolian soil. Our knowledge is based on the wisdom of the people. I have to say that such attacks will be meaningless to us.

Beyond Bars, Free Mumia Now event held on 10th December

Free Mumia Abu Jamal Campaign in UK held an event to celebrate the life of Mumia Abu Jamal as a writer, intellectual and an anti-imperialist.

Representative of Anti-Imperialist Front along with Todd Burroughs, Committee for Justice, Johanna Fernandez, Cecil Gutzmore, Selma James, Mirielle Fanon Mendez (France), Jamal Jr, Linn Washington and Julia Wright spoke at the international conference to celebrate Mumia’s intellectual and political activism who has been held in prison for over 40 years.

Fascism in Turkey attacked the members and families of political prisoners association, TAYAD.

Dawn raids took place on the morning of 12th December at 6 different cities in Turkey against the TAYAD (Solidarity Association of Families of Prisoners and Detainees) members.

Members of TAYAD, mothers and fathers of political prisoners despite their ill health has been detained with torture. Their only crime is to defend their sons and daughters, sending them money, caring for hem and defending their rights and freedoms. Total of 13 people were detained and some of them has been referred to court for their arrests. And six of them has been arrested and remanded in prison.

Another Coup in Latin America

On 8th December, CONFIEP (employer’s bourgeois union), military, police, capitalist media, US embassy and the multinational mining companies orchesterated a coup through their agents in Congress, removed ex union member and teacher Castillo from the President position.. The system of imperialism and oligarchy cannot be changed through elections. The Peruvian people took to the streets against this coup, many people were injured and arrested. Six people killed during the protests.

Alexis is Commemorated

On 6 December, meetings and demonstrations were held to mark the 14th anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos, a 15-year-old anarchist killed by the police Korkoneas.

Large demonstrations were organised all over Greece in memory of Alexis. At the beginning of the demonstration in Athens, which was attended by 20,000 people, the police attacked the crowd gathered in the Exarcheia neighbourhood. Clashes took place in the street.

The same morning a gathering was organised in Mesollogiou and Tzavella Street in Exarcheia in front of the monument to Alexis and Berkin Elvan.

Imperial powers are turning the tide against Serbia Now

Confrontational behaviour of the NATO-backed authorities toward Serbians in the occupied Kosovo region of Serbia escalated again. Serbia represents an obstacle to the control over the region for both USA and the EU and in the past it also posed resistance to the neoliberal policies imposed by the West. Serbia is the only country in the region that continues to maintain the policy of neutrality meaning a friendly relationship with Russia, China, and, as of recently, Iran.

The latest development in Kosovo is only a push in the direction of securing imperialist interest in the region. As a result, Kosovo have now applied to the EU for a full membership.

We must stand with the people of Serbia against imperialist aggression.

You have watched the Anti Imperialist TV news programme. Until the next programme, wherever you are, raise the struggle against fascism and imperialism. Those who resist will win. Goodbye and stay in solidarity.


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