Cumartesi, Şubat 4, 2023

The Revolutionary Of The Philippines Jose Maria Sison (Joma) Has Left Us After Long Years Of Sruggle Dedicated To The Freedom Of His People And To İnternationalism

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He has created a storm inside Filipino community, he enlightened a torch for revolution, the people’s enemy imperialism and its puppets in the homeland Philippines feared him as leader and teacher of the peoples.
As Antiimperialist Front we valued him as friend and Internationalitst comrade for decades.
We want to send our sympathy to all the comrades of the entire Filipino revolutionary movement, the oppressed Filipino people and of course his dear wife, partner and comrade Julie de Lima, his children and all close relatives..
May he rest in peace, may his enlightened torch of revolution will continue to spread hope to the oppressed and exploited people..
Goodbye and Respect Ka Joma!

Jose Maria Sison is Immortal!
He will live in the struggle of the people against Imperialism and Fascism!

Anti-Imperialist Front


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