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A solidarity event was held on the Greek island of Crete on Friday 9 December in solidarity with the 11 revolutionaries from Turkey imprisoned in Greece.
Lawyer Günay Dağ on behalf of the HHB International Bureau and Konstantina Kartsioti on behalf of the Committee for the Freedom of the 11s participated in the panel organised at the Evangelismos Occupation House in Iraklio. On behalf of the free prisoners, Halil Demir, one of the 11s from Turkey, who is currently in Koridallos prison, connected by phone. Patrikios Patrikonakos, one of the lawyers of the case, also participated by phone and gave brief information about the case.
Halil Demir, one of the free prisoners who is on the 64th day of his hunger strike, spoke first. Halil Demir explained why they are on hunger strike, the demands of the hunger strike and stated that they will continue to resist until their demands are accepted.
After Halil Demir, lawyer Günay Dağ talked about the arrest process of the 11 from Turkey, why and how they were imprisoned and the unlawfulness of the trial process.
Konstantina Kartsioti spoke after Günay Dağ and talked about the hunger strike of the prisoners and their current health conditions. Kartsioti said that the prisoners were continuing their hunger strike by taking water, sugar, salt, salt, lemon, tea and vitamins, that their health was deteriorating rapidly, and that some prisoners were experiencing extreme weight loss and blood pressure problems.
The event, which was attended by about 50 people, ended with a short question and answer session


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