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Anti-Imperialist Front TV News Programme 21-28 November

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Topics; 1-11 revolutionaries from Turkey imprisoned in Greece, called on everyone to stage a 1-day solitary hunger strike for the 50th day of their hunger strike demanding a fair trial. About 250 people from 7 countries, 125 of whom were imprisoned, joined the hunger strike. 2-On December 1-12-14, 2022, 11 revolutionaries from Turkey imprisoned in Greece will have a court of appeal. 3-On November 25, 2022, the People’s Front and the Anti-Imperialist Front held a demonstration in front of the Greek Ministry of Justice to support the 11 revolutionaries from Turkey imprisoned in Greece, who have been on hunger strike demanding a fair trial since October 7 , 2022. 4-Gökhan Yıldırım, who was released with a 6-month postponement of sentence as a result of 256-day death fast, has been arrested again. 5-Four Israeli youth, aged 18 and 19, who refused to serve in the occupant Israeli army for the fourth time were sentenced to 45 days in prison each. 6-On 27 November 2022, a march held in Berlin, Germany, demanding the repeal of the 129 law and the release pending trial of the Revolutionary Journalist Özgül Emre, Grup Yorum member İhsan Cibelik and Serkan Küpeli. Many organisations participate in the demo, as Samidoun and Network for Solidarity for Political Prisoners. The people demand the freedom for all political prisoners and the remove of fascists terror law of 129 a-b. 7-The Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) sent a solidarity message to Gökhan Yıldırım. 8-On December 23th,, the Austrian state, due to its imperialist policies, detained and attested Hatime Azak, who had been living as a political refugee in Austria for years, at the Foreigners Branch, where she went for identity procedures. 9-The 6-month prison sentence given to İlker Şahin by the court was upheld. In the third hearing of the objection case held on 24 November, 10-On 23 November 2022, an action was held in Berlin, Germany, for the Italian anarchist prisoner who has been on hunger strike against 41 bis isolation and severe prison conditions law since 20 October 2022. 11-Samidoun-Palestinian Prisoners Solidarity Network, together with Within Our Lifetime Palestine and Coalition for Civil Freedoms organizations in the USA, started a campaign to free the 3 Palestinians prisoners (Shukri Abu Baker, Ghassan Elashi and Mufid Abdulqader) members of the Holy Land Foundation, who are still imprisoned in the USA. Demanding freedom to them because fighting against imperialism and zionism is not a crime is a duty.


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Anti-Imperialist Front TV News Programme

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