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“The Freedom Committee for the 11” did an interview with Radio Mera

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The Freedom Committee for the 11 gave an interview to “Radyo Mera”, the radio channel of the Greek leftist party MéRA-25, on 29 November 2022.

Konstantina Kartsioti, Revolutionary Prisoner Hazal Seçer and Ioanna Kourtovik, the lawyer of 11 revolutionaries from Turkey, participated in the radio program on behalf of the Freedom Committee for the 11.

Speaking to Radio Mera, the participants told about the injustices that the 11 revolutionaries from Turkey experienced during the court process, and that they have been on a hunger strike for 54 days since 7 October 2022, demanding a fair trial against these injustices. And they also invited everyone to attend the appeal court hearings.

Fighting for the Revolution is not Terrorism; Revolutionaries aren’t Terrorists!

We Want Freedom and Justice for the 11 Revolutionaries!

Accept the Demands of the 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey Immediately!

The Freedom Committee for the 11


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