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AIF TV news programme from 2nd-18th November

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The first appeal hearing of 11 revolutionaries from Turkey arrested in Greece took place on 16th November at Koridallos prison in Athens.

11 revolutionaries, who were arrested in March 2020 as a result of an operation against democratic institutions and houses with the demand of Turkish fascism and the orders of the EU and the USA, and who were arrested as a result of an unfair trial, have been on an indefinite hunger strike since 7th October with the demands for a fair trial and other legitimate demands.

The date of the appeal hearing is set for 1st December 2022. Other hearings will follow on 12th and 14th December.

After making a press statement in front of the court to show their solidarity with the prisoners, the crowd chanted slogans for the release of the prisoners in the courtroom.

Prisoners stated that they were physically and verbally attacked by the police before and after the hearing. Apart from that, the attacking police officers used expressions such as “We will show you later”. Attacking people on hunger strike for 41 days is an act of cowardice.

Death Fast Resisters declared their political victory with a press release

On 13th November, in a press statement, the resistance fighters, who stated that resistance is a right and defended this right to death, thanked the people, stating that their political victory was a result not only of the sacrifices they made but of the people’s embrace and international solidarity.

On 11th November, lawyers were sentenced in the hearing held in Silivri, Istanbul.

Although the sentences, which have no legal basis, were based on false evidence and false statements of slanderers, were defeated by the statements and evidence of the defendant lawyers and defence lawyers, the lawyers were sent to prison again with enemy law.

Representatives of bar associations, MPs, democratic mass organisations and about 60 individuals from international solidarity groups who came to support Selçuk Kozağaçlı, Barkın Timtik, Oya Aslan and 19 other lawyers witnessed once again the trampling of the law.

The lawyers, whose detention continued, were sentenced for membership of an illegal organisation despite being accused only of their professional duties.

Lawyer Ebru Timtik, who was martyred in the Death Fast, defended the people against injustice by making her body a robe and saying “I do not beg for life, the oppressed will be offended by me”.

17th November 1973 Polytechnic Massacre Commemoration march held in Athens and throughout Greece

The traditional march in Greece to condemn the massacre of university students resisting the junta marched from the centre of Athens to the embassy of our common enemy, the USA.

About 60,000 people condemned the war, massacre and bloody war policies of the USA and NATO and their attacks on the people

March against the 129 Laws in Berlin

As part of the campaign launched after Özgül Emre, İhsan Cibelik and Serkan Küpeli were arrested in Germany under the residual Nazi law 129, a march will be held in Berlin on 27th November. The march will start at 13:00 from the Ministry of Justice at Anton Wilhelm Amo Str 37.

In the march organised by the Committee for the Abolition of Fascist Law 129, the demand for the abolition of paragraph 129 laws and the release of revolutionary prisoners arrested under this law and the demand for trial without remand will be shouted.

We call on you to support this march against the attacks against our right to organise and the freedom to defend our rights.

Italian anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito is on hunger strike against 41 bis hard prison regime and isolation.

Alfredo Cospito have started a hunger strike resistance on 20th October 2022 until he will be released from 41bis isolation system. Isolation against him is imposed to cut his connection with the outside world to stop him to contribute to the struggle for a just world. His demands are our demands and must be supported by anyone who believe in human rights.

We call on everyone to support the legitimate resistance of Alfredo Cospito until he is released from 41 bis regime.

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association issued a statement on November 9, 2022. It reported information from prisoners in Maghaberry Gaol about forcible strip searches conducted against prisoners. These were in particular conducted against prisoners during hospital visits. One hundred strip searches have happened just in the past two weeks.

You have been watching the news programme of Anti-Imperialist Front.

Until the next time raise the struggle against fascism and imperialism and stay in solidarity.

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