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Balaç, Who Dropped Down To 37 Kilograms: I Did Not Accept Dishonor

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Sibel Balaç, who was on death fast for 298 days demanding a fair trial, said, “I did not accept the injustice and the imposed dishonor.” (translated from Umut Gazetesi)

Sibel Balaç, who was released on the 298th day of her death fast demanding a fair trial, spoke to Zerrin Sargut from MA. Balaç said that she was arrested as a result of a conspiracy and started a death fast because she could not stand the injustices.

‘I couldn’t stand the injustices’

Balaç stated that she participated in the “Yüksel resistance” actions in Ankara when she was a teacher for the mentally handicapped in Antalya, where she faced mobbing and oppression. She explained the period from her arrest to death fast as follows:

“I was a Teacher for Mentally Handicapped in Antalya and worked in the public sector. During the State of Emergency (OHAL), when the “Yüksel resistance” started, I resigned and joined the resistance. Dozens of my friends were already expelled. They were expelled for no reason.

The ‘Yüksel resistance’ was a cure and a transformation for me. The resignation of the working teacher was a great crime. They were saying, ‘We will fire you, you cannot resign’.

I was arrested with a finding of digital evidence. Based on an SD card not physically found in the file, I was sentenced to 8 years, 1 month and 15 days in prison. There is digital evidence, there are secret witnesses. The state is trying to create a culture of confession. They are trying to create their own culture. The police and security had set up the conspiracy. There is such an injustice, such an unlawfulness that they even prevented me from making a defense. So much so that you have allegedly committed a crime, but do not even have the right to know it. I couldn’t stand this injustice any longer and then I started a death fast after 3 years.”

‘I’ve decided to resist’

Balaç said that the usurpation of rights she suffered after she started her death fast continued to increase and said, “We were defending our rights, it was a revolt of every person against injustice. When we go to prison, we demand our book and magazine rights. We want our right to chat, we do not accept getting into the ring with single cells. We want humane treatment and the release of sick prisoners. I was constantly punished and sentenced for voicing these justified demands. I was in solitary confinement for 700 days and got ban on visits for months. Why? Other ways are not tried, for this is prevented. We have submitted dozens of petitions to the Supreme Court. We have dozens of applications and none of them are answered. Death fast was a way we chose to hold on to life,” she said.



What happened at the Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK)

Balaç said, “We were quite right in our demand against the sick prisoners,” and added, “If they are attacking us, trying to intimidate the people through us, we should also tell the people that we will resist. They act according to their nature. They curse in operations, this is not foreign to them. At every step of the hospital process, they showed what sick detainees were going through. The prisoners are groaning unconsciously, there is a constant loophole and light to watch them. They are held in completely inhumane conditions. I saw what the sick detainees went through until their transfer to the Forensic Medicine Institute. Dozens of sick detainees lose their lives due to the decision of the ATK. It is a great injustice that a disease that has a cure is not treated just because it is in prison. This is torture, so the sick prisoners must be released as soon as possible,” she said.

‘I did not accept the impositions’

Stressing that the demand of all peoples is “justice,” Balaç said, “In choosing between injustice and our lives, justice is much more important than living. I did not accept the injustice and the imposed dishonor. Everything they say in terms of ‘Let’s scare the public’, encourages us. I did not accept anything imposed during the death fast. Your heart is free. During the time I was in the hospital, I was kept waiting with soldiers and guards constantly. I survived my 298-day death fast thanks to ‘hope’, I couldn’t stand it without hope. We defended our right to organize against injustice. They are trying to intimidate the people through us. If I’m out and free today, it’s because of the people. The people embraced us,” she said.

‘People should realize their power’

Emphasizing that it is of great importance to resist the unlawfulness experienced, Balaç said: “We won a victory thanks to an ownership. We have stated that we do not accept the policies of fascism. The workers of the Free Press who have been arrested recently cannot be silenced. Everyone watched the images and those images are the reflection of desperation. The increasing pressures in the last period are completely related to the helplessness of fascism. I hope they will all be released soon and continue to make our voices heard. We pay a heavy price and we have to tell it. People should realize their power. We will continue without hesitation. We will not compromise the struggle until all the sick prisoners are released.”


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