Cuma, Aralık 9, 2022

Work For Appeal Court Hearings For 11 Turkish Revolutionaries Imprisoned In Greece Starts In Athens

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Work has started for the appeal court of 11 revolutionaries from Turkey imprisoned in Greek prisons, which is to be held on November 16, 2022.

11 Turkish revolutionaries were sentenced to a total of 333 years in prison as a result of unlawful verdicts. The 11 revolutionaries who do not accept this unlawfulness have been on hunger strike since October 7, demanding a fair trial. We, as the People’s Front in Greece, will remove our comrades from the grip of oppression. All Greek people will learn about the unlawfulness inflicted on the 11. On Tuesday, October 18, mass leaflet distribution was carried out on Alexandras Street. As a result of the leaflet distribution, which lasted for an hour, approximately 1000 leaflets were handed out.

We call on all our people to support the 11 revolutionaries from Turkey who will be seen in court on November 16th.


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