Pazar, Mart 26, 2023

Political Prisoner in Greece Attacked In Thiva Prison

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Hazal Seçer was attacked and tortured in Thiva Prison. Anti-terrorist police officers and head guards tortured Hazal Seçer. Hazal Seçer, who is on the 11th day of her hunger strike today, had a heart rate of 140 as a result of the controls and the prison administration wanted to take Hazal Seçer to the hospital. Hazal Seçer said that she was not sick, she was a resister and therefore she would not go to the hospital. Thereupon Mitsotakis’ fascist police and guards tortured Hazal and took her to the hospital by force. At the hospital they kept her handcuffed behind her back for an hour and a half. They wanted to examine her with her hands handcuffed, Hazal refused, they tried to give her an IV drip. Hazal Seçer refused, saying “If you try to put an IV drip in, you will have to burst all my veins”. Then they brought Hazal Seçer back to prison.

We call on all our people to react to torture, to shoot videos and to embrace Hazal Seçer. They are torturing in Thiva women’s prison in Greece, let’s not remain silent about torture. The hunger strike resistance of Free Prisoners in Greek prisons continues today on its 11th day. The resistance of the Free Prisoners of Greece is our resistance, we call on all our people to embrace the 11 Turkish revolutionaries imprisoned in Greece. 

Repression cannot deter us. 

Human dignity will defeat torture. 

Hazal Seçer is not alone!

Anti-Imperialist Front


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