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11 Revolutionary Prisoners From Turkey In Greek Prisons On Indefinite Hunger Strike

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Free prisoners in Greece want a fair trial. They want justice. For this reason, they are on the 6th day of the indefinite hunger strike they started on October 7. The Greek Ministry of Justice, which is in cooperation with Turkey’s fascism, should give up their unlawful actions and overturn the 333-year prison sentence they gave to 11 Turkish revolutionary prisoners and hold a fair and independent trial.

On November 16, 2022, we have an appeal court.

On November 16th, we do not believe that a fair and legal trial will be held.

We know that we will exercise our right to a fair trial and defence only and solely by resisting.

That is why we have started an indefinite hunger strike.

The demands of our hunger strike are as follows:

1- Revolutionaries cannot be tried under anti-terror laws. The case should be removed from the scope of anti-terrorism and the 333-year prison sentence imposed with anti-terrorism laws should be canceled.

2-The court did not conduct a fair trial. The verdict was political, not legal. We demand a fair trial.

3- Our right to a defence was usurped. We want our defence not to be prevented.

4-We are political refugees. We have fixed addresses. We are not a flight risk. We want the trial to continue without arrest.

5-The police attacked and tortured us in the courtroom with the approval of the court panel. We demand that the court panel and those who ordered the police torture be punished.

6 – Our money, computers and archives were seized during detention. We demand the return of all our extorted belongings


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