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Participants to the Anti-Imperialist Front 20th Anniversary International Symposium to be held in Athens is announced


The preparations of Anti-Imperialist Front 20th Anniversary International Symposium to be held in Athens on 7th-9th October 2022 is underway at full speed.
We share with you the participants around the world. From Latin America to South Corea, Syria to Turkey, United States to Ireland. Over 40 participants will come together in revolutionary unity and join their forces to work against the common enemy of the peoples of the world, imperialism. We invite those who calls themselves anti-fascists and anti-imperialists to join us at the University of Athens, Law School to join the work to formulate how to fight against the oppressors and enemies of the people.

  • Free Mumia Campaign * UK
  • Saoradh (Liberation) * IRELAND
  • Indira Rodriguez, Committee of Relatives of operation Olympus Coordinator against the state terrorism * PERU
  • Mohammed Khatib, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network * PALESTINE
  • Pamela Sanchez, Coordinating Committee for Solidarity and for the
    Freedom of Revolutionary Political Prisoners of the World * MEXICO
  • Alexey Albu, BOROTBA * DONBASS
  • Committee for Leonard Peltier * USA
  • Jalil Muntaquim, National Jericho Movement – Spirit of Mandela International Tribunal * USA
  • People’s Council of Syriacs in Europe * GERMANY
  • Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah * FRANCE
  • Partito dei CARC * ITALY
  • Fausto Marini, Ex-political prisoner- Not Only 11 * ITALY
  • Ayten Öztürk, Victim of Torture, Under House Arrest * TURKEY
  • Gökhan Yıldırım, Recently released Hunger Striker (Death Fast) * TURKEY
  • İleri Kızılaltun, On Death Fast for Fair Trial and Justice * TURKEY
  • TAYAD Families of Prisoners Solidarity Association * TURKEY
  • Political Prisoners Network * GERMANY
  • Nadezhda Sablina, Journalist, Anti-Imperialist Front * BELARUS
  • Stefan Petrov, 23rd September * BULGARIA
  • Si Cobas – Leader of Napel Section * ITALY
  • Release the Poet Convenors’ Committee * INDIA
  • Sandra Trafilaf Yañez , Mapuche. Journalist and human rights activist,
    former political prisoner of the FPMR * CHILE
  • Grup Yorum – Revolutionary Music Band * TURKEY
  • Giannis Maggos, Father of Vasilis Maggos (Murdered by tortures of Police) * GREECE
  • Şadi Naci Özpolat, Political Prisoners- 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey imprisoned in GREECE
  • Friends of Soviet People * USA
  • Communist Party of Chile Proletarian Action * GERMANY
  • Committee for Solidarity to Ayten Öztürk-Anti Imperialist Front * ITALY
  • Thanasis Kampagiannis, Lawyers of the case of 11 * GREECE
  • Günay Dağ, Lawyer – People’s Law Bureau International * GREECE
  • Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey imprisoned in GREECE
  • Ahmet Al-Ibrahim, Anti-Imperialist Journalist * SYRIA
  • PAIX (Peace) * FRANCE
  • RNP-F – Revolutionary People’s Party/Front * SERBIA
  • Irish Republican Socialist Party * IRELAND
  • Prof. Pati Lucerni, Internationalist * ITALY
  • Miguel Cornelio Sanchez, MOVADEF and Lawyer of wife of Abimael Guzman, Elena Yparraguirre Revoredo * PERU
  • ANC, Association Nationale des Communistes- National Association of Communists * FRANCE
  • Beyza Gülmen, Sister of Nuriye Gülmen – Assembly of Resistances * TURKEY
  • Ceren Yılmaz, Lawyer of Sibel Balaç – People’s Law Bureau * TURKEY




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