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Freedom for the People’s Lawyers, Unite for Justice!

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People’s Lawyer Oya Aslan

People’s Lawyer Oya Aslan Before Court… Today Trial Outcome:
It was decided to continue the detention of lawyer Oya Aslan.

The hearing was adjourned to September 20,. 2022.

As we can see again, justice is not provided in the courts of the rulers, but its a duty of the people to struggle for it.

Freedom for the People’s Lawyers, Unite for Justice!

Earlier Notes Of The Court:
– Oya Aslan from the People’s Law Office in Turkey is in court today. The lawyers have been tried in an unlawful file, imprisoned for their profession. People’s lawyer Ebru Timtik lost her life in a death fast for fair trial but the legal tragedy still continues!

She entered courtroom around 3 hours ago. She began her statements:
“You want to conclude the case right away. You think that there is no need to judge because anyway police wrote everything. The opinion was given without resolving the witness statements.”

– People’s Lawyer Oya Aslan:
“I will do my best to be acquitted, but being acquitted in your eyes is none of my business, and I don’t care much for that. What is important to me is the reflection of the facts in the file. It is the writing of the irrationality of the trial.”

– People’s Lawyer Oya Aslan:
“Major crimes never enter through the doors of the judiciary. And so that these crimes do not enter through the door of the judiciary, opponents, those who fight for justice, rights and freedom are put on trial.”

– People’s Lawyer Oya Aslan:
“When we talked about the protection of rights and freedoms we were on trial for propaganda of the organization, Sedat Peker’s threats against academics were included in the scope of freedom of thought.”

– People’s Lawyer Oya Aslan:
“The statements of your esteemed witnesses Ceyhun Bay and Berk Ercan are very valuable, but why do you not value the statements of Sedat Peker? Is your heart not enough but your strength is enough for us?”

Already in January this year, International Association of Democratic Lawyers and European Association of Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights urged the 37th heavy penal court in Istanbul to release attorney Oya Aslan immediately!

You can read their statement published in December 2020, representing the lawyers associations in 4 countries, is attached:
“Recently 11 lawyers of the People’s Law Office have been imprisoned by the AKP government. There were no concrete charges against them, mainly confessions of “secret witnesses” and accusals in context with their legal profession.

Ebru Timtik lost her life in a hunger strike till death just to demand a fair trial. Her colleague Aytac Ünsal who has joined her in the death fast and whose execution was halted for 1 year for treatment due to serious health problems, was arbitrarily re-arrested by the demand of the Interior Ministry before end of this legal recovery term.

A very engaged judge, known for his political decisions against left, revolutionary opposition, judged them with prison sentences between 3 and 18 years.

In the last years, while the most active and engaged lawyers for human rights and defense of political cases had to stay in prison without any proof of crimes, human rights violations, political crimes of the state increased rapidly.

It is shown very clear how the political power in Turkey, represented by the AKP government, wants to silence the lawyers of the people to leave the struggle for justice, freedom and democracy without defense and to easily purge crimes committed by the security forces and others belonging to their own political circles.”


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