Pazar, Mart 26, 2023

On July 2 – We Remember the Martyrs of Si̇vas… There Can’t Be an Acquiescence of the Massacre, No Amnesty  of the Killers!

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Sivas Massacre (1993)

It has been exactly 29 years today since 35 of our lives were burned to death by reactionary, fascist and bigoted people in Sivas Madımak Hotel…

That day, 35 of our lives were killed by today’s fascist, immoral, religious merchant reactionary mobs. Intelligence service (MIT), Gendarmerie, Police, Army Forces, all state officials, from the President to the Prime Minister, from the Mayor’s Office to the courts, were all partners in this massacre…

Those responsible for the massacre were only given ostensible sentences, they were rewarded with Time-out Decisions…

Lawyers of the Murderers Over time, they became a Member of Parliament from the Fascist AKP, and were promoted to manageral positions within the party.

Today, there is a government that applauds the impunity of the murderers, that still punishes and kills the intellectual,  revolutionary forces of the people.

But the People will never be silent to this injustice, same as Sibel Balaç and Gökhan Yıldırım who are in hunger for fair trials.

The 2 July Sivas Martyrs Are Immortal!

Down with Fascism, Long Live the Fraternity of the Peoples!

We Haven’t Forgotten the Sivas Massacre, We Will Not Let Forget!

English Lyrics of this Song Produced by Grup Yorum for the Si̇vas Martyrs:

Grup Yorum

“The day catches fire, my dear, the night catches fire.
Lives catch fire, captured in the flames.
My rose becomes the soil and the wind mingles.
The people start to move and the roads catch fire.

In Sivas, my saz ignites.
The word catches fire, my dear, the song ignites.
The strings sing about us, the languages race. The pen that writes freedom ignites.

We’re talking about lives, hands ignite,
In the house of friendship, the love ignites.
Pir Sultans are Immortal, thousands grow,
The souls come with a flow, history ignites…”


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