Cumartesi, Temmuz 2, 2022

The Anti-Fascist Brothers Kononovich, Who Were Captured In Ukraine Back In March, Are Alive and Are In Jail

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Kononovich Brothers

A Belarusian journalist who maintains contact with relatives of the Kononovich brothers said that they are alive. A relative of the brothers told the journalist:
“They were severely beaten, their ribs were broken. There were not faces, but porridge. They were beaten in the first days, they were not taken to the pre-trial detention center. We wanted them to confess something, so that everyone would sign. They didn’t just thresh them, but to admit some kind of guilt. The guys didn’t admit anything… And they continued to be beaten. They couldn’t breathe, their ribs were broken… They didn’t let the doctor in either, only later, about a month later”.


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