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International Reports – AIF TV News- 9-24 April

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1-International Symposium for 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey that imprisoned in Greece was Held in Athens.

2-Sorbonne students show their anger in force

3-On April 15, Israeli forces stormed Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound early on Friday, firing stun grenades, tear gas

4-Fascist/Neo-Nazi Ukrainian army demolished Zoya’s statue!

5-Electronic Bracelet Fitted to Ayten Öztürk

6-Grup Yorum made preparations for the concert to be held in Lesbos on May 7, 2022, on April 21.

7- Erkan Yıldırım brother of death fast resister under costudy

8- Death Fast Resistance in Turkish Prisons Grows with Solidarity Hunger Strikes

9- The Rising Sun Collective from Peru sent a solidarity message to Sibel Balaç and Gökhan Yıldırım, who are on death fast.

10-On Thursday, April 21st, a meeting was organized in Vienna to write post cards to political prisoners internationally.

11-Anti-Imperıalıst Front and Peoples Front Engand informatıon tour ın Ireland

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