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Polytechnic Lives in Our Struggle

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On November 14, 1973, thousands of university students occupied the National Technical University of Athens, known as the Polytechnic, against the US-backed military junta that seized power in 1967 in Greece. On November 17, 1973, the soldiers of the junta administration made a bloody raid on the Polytechnic, which has been occupied since 14 November.
Although the number of those killed was announced as 34 by military official figures, the exact number is not known. Every year on November 17, the anniversary of the resistance against the junta and the massacre of the police, there is a great anti-fascist, anti-imperialist protest in Greece, especially in Athens.
The 17 November Polytechnic uprising will live on forever in our resistance against imperialism and fascism.
Since our participation in today’s anniversary, we left flowers, read articles and sang songs with Grup Yorum.
Polytechnic martyrs are immortal!


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