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Freedom For Ali Osman Köse

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Thursday 18th November, at 13:00, Ali Osman Kose Freedom Committee staged a action in front of the Turkish Embassy for the release of the cancer patient revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Kose.
Statements made in Turkish, Greek and English regarding the current situation of Ali Osman Köse. The action concluded with the slogans ”Freedom to Ali Osman Köse“, ”Let the Sick Prisoners be Released”.

Statement: Freedom for Ali Osman Kose, a Freedom for Revolutionary Prisoner Ali Osman Kose Suffering from Cancer! We will not let them kill Ali Osman Köse! Ali Osman Kose is a revolutionary prisoner who has been held in the prisons of the Turkish fascism for 37 years and has been sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment. Those who sentenced him to life imprisonment as the revenge for fighting for independence against imperialism, democracy against fascism are now also sentencing him to death by not releasing him, despite the fact that he is ill with cancer and has severe health problems. Ali Osman Kose is suffering from many health problems such as hypertension, hearing loss, balance loss, stomach problems, visual disorders due to long-term captivity and the tortures and isolation he has been subjected to, he cannot walk alone, he cannot continue his life alone. The most important health problem that Ali Osman Kose is experiencing today is cancer. A 9 cm wide cancerous cyst was found in one kidney of Ali Osman Kose; It was stated by doctors that these cancerous cells pose a life threatening risk, and this kidney was completely removed. Ali Osman Kose, despite all these health problems that he experienced, despite the fact that his life could not be sustained on his own, was not released by the Forensic Medicine Institute with a report that he could stay in prison without even being properly examined. Neither this report provided by the Forensic Medicine Institution is a report in accordance with scientific criteria, nor the decisions of the courts that rejected Ali Osman Kose’s application for release based on this report are legal decisions. This report and these decisions are also completely political. They are part of a conscious policy aimed at slaughtering Ali Osman Kose. The diagnosis of a cancerous cyst in Ali Osman Kose’s kidney and the process of surgical removal of this kidney are also evidence of this. A 9 cm cancerous cyst in the kidney of Ali Osman Kose could not be detected neither in the examinations conducted by hospitals nor in the initial examination conducted by the Forensic Medicine Institution, but it could be detected months later. We know that this is not just a simple negligence or carelessness, that they are trying to slaughter Ali Osman Köse in this way. Delaying surgery under various pretexts after being diagnosed with cancer, and the fact that a cancerous kidney can be removed months after being diagnosed is also clear evidence of this. Today, Ali Osman Kose’s cancerous kidney was removed and Ali Osman Kose was put back in isolation cells. However, the vital risks to Ali Osman Kose still remains. Because, among the other serious health problems that he is experiencing, there is still a risk that the cancer will metastasize, that it will spread to other organs. Therefore, a good course of care, constant and close observation and treatment is required. It is clear that this is not possible in conditions of captivity and isolation. For this reason, Ali Osman Kose should be released as soon as possible and his treatment should be continued outside. We, as Ali Osman Köse’s friends and comrades, once again scream out; we will not let them kill Ali Osman Köse.

Freedom for cancer patient and Revolutionary Prisoner Ali Osman Kose.
Ali Osman Kose Must be Released Immediately!
Release the sick prisoners!


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