Çarşamba, Ekim 5, 2022

Gathering in front of Ministry of Justice in Greece for 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey

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The People Front in Greece protested in front of the Greek Ministry of Justice, saying “We want justice, we want a fair trial” for 11 Turkish revolutionaries who were arrested as a result of the operation carried out in cooperation with the AKP and the Government of Nea Demokratia in Greece and sentenced to a total of 333 years of unlawful imprisonment.

At the action statements in Greek, Turkish and English were read out, saying we must unite to resist and win our most democratic rights against the collaborationist governments of Turkey and Greece, which cooperate with US imperialism and the European Union and target Greek revolutionaries and the Greek people in this struggle as well.
“Making Revolution is Not a Crime, It is a Duty, Freedom for Revolutionary Prisoners, Solidarity is the Weapon of the People” were the slogans shouted in the action.


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